Hydroelectric Power

Certain Performance in a Fluid Industry

Hydro-electric power is the foundation of renewable energy, and its reliability has made it a key contributor to the world’s electric grid. Although the most economical sites have already been developed, new capacity will continue to be added through modernization and retrofits of existing turbines/generators. To ensure continued reliability, many of world’s top hydro manufacturers continue to choose Johnson Centrifugal for their material needs.

Johnson Centrifugal is a trusted supplier of centrifugal castings for hydro power plants throughout the world. From small parts only a few inches across, to large components up to 80 inches in diameter. We also offer the largest variety of material options in centrifugally cast alloys. For your next need, trust us to provide material that meets the fluid demands unique to hydro power.


  • Wear Rings
  • Seal Rings
  • Guide Rings
  • Bushings:
    • Flanged Bushing
    • Runner Blade Bushing
    • Split Bushing
    • Wicket Gate Bushing

Material Examples:

  • ASTM B271, C95800
  • ASTM B271, C93200
  • ASTM A743, CF10SMnN
  • ASTM A487, CA6NM
  • ASTM A351, CF3

Pintle Bushing Housing

Hinge Ball

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