Centrifugal Castings

Johnson Centrifugal Technology (JCT) uses centrifugal force to create high quality metal parts in:

The metal experiences a very high G force during the casting process, creating a uniform and defect free casting. We call this Centrifugal Forming of metal and we have a patent on one of these processes.

We have a full machine shop and can offer parts either rough machined or fully finish machined to print.

Why consider centrifugal castings instead of forgings or sand castings?

  • Cost. We can offer near net shape saving hours of machining.
  • Lead time. Our lead times are typically weeks shorter than forgings.
  • Low or no cost tooling to create your parts.
  • High quality. The high G load creates near perfect parts.
  • Save time and money. Save 10-40% in total cost over forgings and difficult metal fabrications.
  • JCT provides single source responsibility – no further machining required.
  • Delivery times are typically 1/3 less than forging or fabrication.
  • JCT will deliver on high-risk and difficult projects that are near net shape and require high tolerance levels. We have a full staff of engineers ready to consult with you.
  • We stand behind our work 100%. Outstanding customer service and quick project turnarounds. Family owned for four generations.

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