The Johnson Centrifugal Technology Process

Our process applies extremely high centrifugal forces (“G” force) to the molten metal throughout the critical solidification and thermal contraction phases. A minimum force of 60 times the force of gravity is applied to the metal. Our process also guarantees a seemingly infinite amount of pressurized riser material feeding the solidifying form. The “G” force produces a centrifugal separation of any impurities driving them to the bore allowing removal during machining.

The water cooled mold wall applies unidirectional chilling of the metal. This allows the material to undergo directional solidification imparting optimum strength for ring and cylindrical structures. The uniform directional advance of the solidification transformation also provides a cleansing effect as impurities float ahead of it toward the riser area of the bore.

The dynamic duo of directional solidification and high “G” force mold filling provided by our process guarantees the highest quality metal components. The low cost mold materials and process efficiency offer a cost effective solution to your metal component procurement needs.

The high quality of our centrifugal process is required for these petrochemical furnace reducing cones produced in heat resistant stainless steel.
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