The Latest from Johnson Centrifugal Technology

Please note that Johnson Centrifugal has changed its e-mail structure to be first name initial and last name at For John Doe it would be We have made the change to highlight our pride in manufacturing high quality centrifugal castings in the USA, and to house our e-mail server internally for advanced security. … Continue reading

Near Net Shape

Utilizing custom tooling, carbon inserts or expendable sand cores, Johnson Centrifugal Technology can obtain very tight tolerance near net shape designs.

Bearing Race

JCT has the ability to cast and machine parts in a wide variety of diameters. While this part is approximately 14″ in diameter, JCT has the capability to produce components up to 78″ in diameter. This parts’ function is to house tapered bearings within its square openings. The bearings are inserted into the square openings … Continue reading Bearing Race